Dry Fruit Milkshake Recipe

  • 5 almonds
  • 5 pistachios
  • 250 ml milk
  • 5 cashews
  • 5 walnuts
  • sugar as required

How to make Dry Fruit Milkshake

  • Step 1To prepare this delicious and healthy milkshake, take a big bowl and add some water in it. Now, add almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews in it. Let the dry fruits soak for around an hour.
  • Step 2Once soaked, drain the dry fruits. Take the almonds and peel their skin.
  • Step 3Now, take a mixer-blender and add all the dry fruits in it. Grind these dry fruits together till they make a smooth paste.
  • Step 4Add milk and sugar in the mixer and blend them with the dry fruits till it has a smooth consistency.
  • Step 5Pour the prepared dry fruit milkshake in the serving glass. Top it with ice cubes.
  • Step 6Serve cold at once with a garnish of almonds and other dry fruits.

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